Following a successful career as a lawyer specialising in property & commercial transactions, Owen Cooney has followed his passion & re-focused his attention on property investment & development.

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At OC Consultancy, our key purpose is to help clients generate wealth through property.

For the private investor, OCC offers private property collectives, a unique way for individual investors to participate in the purchase of larger and more lucrative commercial properties.

For the developer, utilising OCC’s Legal Project Management service ensures the best legal and financial models are put in place to ensure their projects are viable, and reach their full potential.


private property


OCC’s property collectives have been developed to facilitate the purchase of high-quality, high-value commercial properties by small bespoke groups of eligible investors.

While excellent returns are the catalyst for every commercial investment, Owen’s collective model offers a more hands-on experience. Pride of ownership and the enjoyment of collaborating with a small group of like-minded investors is a key part of the model.

Paramount to each collective group’s success is putting the right investors together, and uncovering high-quality opportunities. Owen’s extensive networks extend through some of the country’s biggest construction companies, property developers and corporate sectors ensuring access to opportunities that simply aren’t usually available to the individual investor.

For the discerning investor looking to actively participate in commercial property investment and ownership on a larger scale, consider OCC’s property collectives.

With OC Consultancy you will have the opportunity to invest and participate in a premium multi-million dollar property investment, with regular monthly income and growth potential;

That you might not achieve as an individual

By pooling resources with other like-minded people

In an independently managed structure

While experiencing the benefits and support of our knowledgeable and experienced property experts

“OCC gives investors access to higher value properties that would normally be beyond the reach of individual investors”


legal project management

OCC’s Legal Project Management service gives property developers the option to partner with OCC to finance and structure their projects.

From early stage due diligence, financial modelling and capital raising to land acquisition and development – OCC can take care of the management and oversight of every financial and legal aspect of your project ensuring the right framework is in place for a smooth and successful venture.

Having founded and led the hugely successful Cooney Lees Morgan (CLM) Property and Development team, Owen has an unsurpassed knowledge to draw from. He’s rightfully earned the reputation as the go-to-guy for developers looking for advice on the best way forward.

OCC’s Legal Project Management service is bespoke, results driven and powered by a network of some of the best legal and professional practitioners in the business. Whether you’re an experienced developer or weighing up your first large scale project, you won’t find a more knowledgeable, experienced or successful project partner than OC Consultancy Ltd.

Developers benefit from a more collaborative and focused approach – the results speak for themselves.